About Us

With 100% of your donations going directly to building supplies and food for the orphanage, together, this is what we have accomplished:

The work is completed by teams of volunteers traveling to Haiti and by hiring many local tradesmen. Jobs change lives in a community where there are few opportunities.

A new dormitory has been built. It sleeps the 35 children who live at Fodivha. Each child now has their own bed, mattress and linens, where none existed before.

A 10′ high cement block security wall was constructed around the compound to complete the perimeter, providing safety and comfort for the children. A water well was dug on property, giving life sustaining clean water to drink & cook with. This is the first well in the village. Fodivha’s precious, clean water is also shared with the community, making life a bit easier. A security gate was constructed by local craftsmen and installed; enhancing security for the children. The school is very proud of their welcoming entrance.

Unsafe and improvised roofs on school classrooms were dismantled and replaced with strong, well-constructed roofs. Each classroom now has cement floors and blackboards, as well as basic furniture for the children to sit on while learning. A sidewalk was poured in front of classrooms to prevent daily flooding during rainy season.

Washrooms are now complete. A new septic system was dug and the hand pump at the well was converted to an electric pump. There is continuous water for 2 flush toilets and showers, providing comfort and improving hygiene.

The new kitchen is now complete, with ceramic countertops and cupboards built by a local carpenter. This has greatly improved hygienic conditions surrounding food preparation and the prevention of gastrointestinal illnesses. A fridge was also purchased for food storage. Children sit to eat their meals at a long table with metal chairs crafted by a local metal artist.

A transformer was purchased for the provision of consistent electrical power. There is lighting in the dormitories at night time, as well as in the compound for safety. It powers the electric pump on the well.

A library / principal’s office was constructed. 200 French books were donated to begin stocking library shelves.

Children are provided with 3 meals a day – full tummies! Although we have accomplished a lot together, there remains so much yet to be done.

Current needs of Fodivha Orphanage:

Ongoing monthly financial support is needed to continue purchasing the daily nutritious food necessary to feed the 30 children at the orphanage.

Ongoing monthly financial support is required for the school. Support is used to pay teacher’s salaries and Bertony, the orphanage director and principal of the school, and to purchase school supplies and curriculum for the schoolchildren.

Donations are required to continue building the infrastructure of Fodivha:

  • ongoing repairs to the orphanage and school
  • complete staff bedroom
  • begin the construction of the professional school where older boys will learn trades and the lifeskills necessary to support themselves
  • purchase much-needed furniture for dormitories, library and school classrooms

Hope for People Organizational Needs:

  • Currently in the process of obtaining Canadian Charitable Status
  • We’re looking for committed people to join our Board of Directors
  • Volunteer fundraisers

Next team leaves for Haiti in fall of 2016.  Join us for the experience of a lifetime!  If you have the skills and the desire to help in any of these areas we need you.

It takes a community; to build a community.

As pledged, 100% of your donation has gone and will continue to go directly to building the orphanage and feeding the children.