inition of “TEAM” = a number of persons associated in some joint action
synonyms = brigade, band, body, bunch, company, gang, outfit, squad, trouped, unit, yoke, workers

Perhaps you’re looking for an opportunity to be:

  • part of something extraordinary
  • to “give back” and serve in a third world country
  • to share your talents and gifts
  • to learn about yourself
  • to change your life!

A short term mission trip can be just what you’re looking for.  Come join us…we need you!

Hope for People-Fodivha regularly sends teams to Haiti to assist with the infrastructure and ongoing construction of the Fodivha Orphanage and School in Thomaseau, Haiti. All team members pay their own travel, food and accommodation expenses. However, the leader of the team will organize everything for you. Costs are keep to a minimum. No experience is necessary, but if you have a specific knowledge base, we’ll use it! More detailed information about upcoming opportunities can be found by contacting us directly.

Trips are being planned.  Interested?  Please contact us!


HFP Teams